Reining switches to new cleaner Shell GTL Fuel

Reining switches to new cleaner Shell GTL Fuel

“We are an innovative company and are highly aware of the current environmental issues relating to local and global emissions and corporate social responsibility is one of our key values,” says Gerrit Hes, Managing Director of Reining Transport. “For that reason Reining Transport switched its refuelling activities at Kolham to a cleaner diesel fuel, Shell GTL (Gas-to-Liquids) Fuel earlier this month.” In recent years Reining has been looking for alternative fuels for its fleet of diesel-powered trucks. That was a challenging task, because alternative fuels often require investment in equipment or infrastructure, are not yet reliable enough or are only available regionally while Reining operates in a large part of Europe.

Switching effortlessly to Shell GTL (Gas-to-Liquids)

Fuel Peter de Cock, Key Account Manager from Shell: “Shell welcomes the innovative step Reining has taken. Reining Transport has been using the European network of Shell service stations for over 25 years. This way Shell can provide a solution that contributes to Reining’s sustainability goals.” The drop-in nature of Shell GTL Fuel and the fact that it can easily be used alongside conventional diesel makes it much easier for Reining to make the switch. Our trucks can be fuelled with GTL at our base in Kolham and also use Dutch service stations where GTL is available. They can also be refuelled with regular diesel outside the Netherlands, if necessary.

Immediate reduction in Tank-to-Wheel CO2 emissions

Reining Transport travels approximately 36 million kilometres per year and consequently produces roughly 28,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The switch to GTL results in an immediate reduction of approximately 4% CO2, 15% NOx and 30% PM. Furthermore, GTL can reduce the engine noise of trucks. Gerrit Hes closes by saying: “Reining Transport is the first international haulier in the Netherlands, possibly even in Europe, to use this new fuel in its entire fleet of vehicles and is thereby making a contribution to meeting the sustainability targets set in Paris in 2015”.

What is Shell GTL Fuel?

The synthetic drop-in diesel fuel, Shell GTL Fuel, is produced in Qatar and is suitable for immediate use in all existing diesel engines, with no need for modifications. GTL can be mixed with conventional diesel without any problem. GTL is produced from natural gas, which is cleaner than crude oil. GTL contains almost no harmful components such as sulphur and (poly) aromatics, which results in cleaner and more efficient combustion. Local emissions such as particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are considerably lower than conventional diesel. GTL does not contain bio-components, is not toxic and furthermore biodegradable. For more information: