Warehousing at Reining

Reining operates a warehouse in Hoogezand used for the storage of packed materials such as packaging material, half fabrics and insulation.  The warehouse complies to the former HACCP regulations for storage of food related packed products. Reining also manages warehouses at other locations in the area to support customers with specific demands and operates dedicated.

An advanced Warehouse Management System ( WMS) is in place to comply to the needs of various customers. Our systems are optimally configured for interfacing with those of our clients. We can link several systems, i.e. SAP, to our WMS. As a customer you can be informed in real time of the status of your orders, your stock levels and other relevant management information like traceability.

Besides our warehousing activities, Reining also offers value-added logistics. We can offer possibilities for the repack, labelling, order picking and cross docking.