Warehousing at Reining

We provide public and dedicated warehousing. In dedicated warehousing the processes are completely geared to the type of goods. We can do that in our own warehouse, or at the client’s storage facility. Our logistics solution is as closely in line as possible with the client’s process. In public warehousing we provide the activities based on our own, optimized system that can be put into use flexibly and rapidly.

Our warehouses are protected against freezing and fitted with sprinkler systems and security facilities and are HACCP certified. That way we guarantee the safe storage of your goods. Modern IT facilities form an indispensable element of our warehouse processes. Reining has an advanced Warehouse Management System. Our systems are optimally configured for interfacing with those of our clients. We can link several systems, such as SAP, to our WMS. That makes it possible for us to keep you informed in real time of the status of your orders, your stock levels and other relevant management information.

Besides our warehousing activities, Reining also offers value-added logistics. We are able to repack, assemble and label your goods. Other possibilities are order picking, cross docking, preparation and execution of customs formalities.