Reining switches to Prometheus E-Cloud

Reining switches to Prometheus E-Cloud

Reining Transport will switch to E-Cloud from Prometheus. Since the spring of 2014 Reining is no longer part of the Royal Wagenborg Group. The new structure that has occurred, benefits from improved efficiency in the field of ICT. Prometheus provides the design of the ICT infrastructure for communicating with drivers via the mobile solution, as well as the online portal to monitor the logistics operation.

Reining Transport
Reining Transport is an all-round logistics service provider, specialized in Volume transport and Warehousing. Process monitoring and optimization are key factors in the organisation of Reining, where Reining is always looking for optimal solutions for logistic issues. The professionalism and scale of 300 road trains makes that Reining performs the entire logistics for customers.

Focus on own services
By choosing for E-Cloud, Reining gets a relief in the field of ICT infrastructure and high availability of the applications. SIM cards, database management, updates; all elements of the telematics solutions will be in the hands of Prometheus. Convenience is a very important factor in the E-Cloud solution, says Johan Mak, responsible for Fleet Management & Purchasing at Reining. “By letting Prometheus manage the mobile solution and its home base, we can focus on our own services. The software is kept up-to-date and we have less risks. Prometheus guarantees the continuity and the quality level.”

Mak indicates that the privatization of Reining affects the choice as well. “We are facing major challenges, such as the implementation of a new TMS. This takes a lot of time. Therefore we rely on the specific knowledge of Prometheus, to keep us up-to-date in the digital control of our logistical operation.

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